It’s time for a detox!

9 signs2 CLEANSE

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Basenjis love It Works!

Looks like I’m not the only one who loves today’s mail!  #basenjis

Ahava and It Works!order

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You have 5-12 pounds of yuck…where?

Yes, in your intestines!  Message me to get this great deal:  buy two Cleanse and get one FREE!  All natural, herbal 2-day detox.  You don’t have to stay in the bathroom all day and you still can eat!  Provides nutrients and vitamins and gets rid of the stuff you don’t want hanging around!  White pants approved!cleanse 3

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Buy 2 Cleanse, get 1 FREE!

cleanse2 CLEANSE

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Gentlemen! Start your engines!

We know you want to get fit and healthy, too! Don’t let the ladies pass you by on getting back in shape for the summer!! One spot left for an amazing discount on health, fitness, and weight loss products. Time is running out and spaces filling up fast. Message me for details!men wrap

men wrap 2

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Boost your workout!

Burn it up!  Thermofit boosts your metabolism!  Limited spaces available for this great discount!  Message me for details!thermofit

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Work it, girl! Flip those luscious locks and get his attention!

Hair, skin, and nails need a boost?  Get your hair health in gear with Hair, Skin, Nails.  Join me now for a fabulous discount on this product.  Limited spaces filling up fast!  Message me for details!hair

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Kick those sugary soft drinks! Say goodbye to jittery chemical drinks!

Half the calories, half the sugar, all-natural and no tap dancing involved.  Spaces filling fast for an amazing discount on a great tasting energy drink!  Message me for details on how you can get this at my cost!energy drink

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That crazy wrap thing!

It’s not too late to get into that two piece swimsuit for the summer!  These belly wraps are the bomb!  Message me for details and get an AWESOME DISCOUNT.  Spaces filling up fast.  Hurry, June is halfway over!belly wrap

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Blood and Matzah

Who wouldn’t want to be G-d’s favorite?

Shira thought she knew everything and had it all: a comfortable life, loving parents, their unique family business, lifelong friends, the joy of her faith, her synagogue community, the love of G-d. No danger, no hardships, no nagging questions about the “why” of it all. Is that so wrong? What could be missing? Ah, there was no adventure, no lure of the unknown, no romance. This last part was a problem for Shira’s mother, Miriam.

Certainly, there was very little sex. And then along came Avram: charismatic, enigmatical, and definitely the sexiest, most alluring man she had ever encountered. Like the stone in David’s slingshot, she is catapulted along within the great pendulum of time, flung into the past, exposed to the seamier side of death, and thrown into the tawdry, violent underbelly of the undead. All because of Avram and his kind. This chance meeting…or was it chance? Was there a master hand at work, giving new meaning to the expression “blood sacrifice”? G-d help her. Don’t worry; He’s planning on it.

In the current glut of adult, paranormal fiction, “Blood and Matzah” invades your senses like a breath of sardonic air. Appealing not only to the hip, adult market of vampire readers looking for something fresh (read cheeky), this novel will lure in potential victims, I mean readers who would not necessarily pick up a book about Jewish, time-travelling vampires.

Thrusting a proverbial stake through the heart of conventionality, this genre-bending work pulls in thematic elements of Jewish family life, history, politics, religion, science, even the kitchen sink, and shocks the reader with its frankness and edgy, in-your-face, witty style, evoking a knee-jerk reaction with its controversy.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Jewish to read it. But it couldn’t hoit. Eh, it’s up to you.

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